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Industrial Revolution 4.0 is transforming the world at a rapid rate. In the face of the added complexity of Covid-19 simplicity is imperative. Accordingly, Gromiles, in India, and Learning Junctions, in South Africa, collaborated to build Talk, which is an Online ( Face to Face) platform that is secure, user-friendly, and cost effective.

For Learning Purpose

By using Talk as a Tuition platform :

  • The Student and/or Parent, and Tutor choose time and space
  • The student enjoys the benefits of a customised one on one focussed learning experience with her/his tutor.
  • Each lesson can be recorded for future reference
  • Parents benefit from the logistical costs of time and travel
  • Both physical and psychological safety is ensured

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Work Process

Online Meetings, Presentations and Training

The following is required for a successful session of Online Conference:

  • Desktop or Laptop with
    • Google Chrome V.70.x | Firefox V.45.x
    • Video cam and headphones
  • Stable Wifi connection
  • Good lighting in room.
  • No background sounds like the TV playing
  • Tablet with writing stylus ( Optional)
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