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Designed for online Meetings

We stated above that This Cloud software extends many of its core features to focus on enabling the instructor to engage students.
There are four main use cases for engagement:
  1. Tutoring/virtual office hours
  2. Flipped classroom
  3. Group collaboration
  4. Full online Sessions
If you are an instructor, This Software helps you engage users with:
  1. Multi-user whiteboard
  2. Break out rooms
  3. Chat (public and private)
  4. Polling
  5. Shared notes
  6. Emojis
We think of engagement as an activity that causes the user to recall (such as answering a poll), demonstrate (such as using multi-user whiteboard), apply (such as in breakout rooms), or ask questions (such as using public chat) about the material the instructor is trying to teach. The more students are engaged, the more they are thinking and learning.
Of course, all these features are still useful in a business meeting, video chat, or audio conference – but they are really useful when teaching users online.

A brief overview of Cloud Software

There are two types of users in this Software : viewer and moderator.
A viewer (typically the student) can chat, send/receive audio and video, respond to polls, display an emoji (such as their raised hand), and participate in a breakout sessions.
A moderator (typically the instructor) can do everything a viewer can, plus more. A moderator can mute/unmute other viewers, lock down viewers (such as restrict them from using private chat), and make anyone the current presenter. There can be multiple moderators in a session.
The presenter can do the following:
  1. Upload slides
  2. Use the whiteboard to annotate any side
  3. Enable/disable multi-user whiteboard
  4. Start a poll
  5. Share a YouTube, vimeo, or Canvas Studio video
  6. Share their screen
There can be only one presenter at a time in the session. Any moderator can make any user presenter, including themselves.
We created two overview videos – one for the viewer and the other for the moderator – to show you how the above features work.

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